How do you become a better software engineer? A better investor? Spouse? Friend?

These are difficult questions. And if you google them, I’m sure there are thousands of different tips. Like, find a mentor, improve your communication, do what the best and brightest does, etc.

Seems like a lot of…

In the first part I introduced a simple example explaining how to use the classpath correctly. I will use this example for this part as well, so if you did not create that yet you can copy it from the first part before proceeding if you want to follow along.


Microbenchmarking is one way of performance testing a small part of your product. Perhaps you wan’t to compare the difference between two similar algorithm implementations. The goal however is to make sure that you test the right thing.

So what can affect your output and what can you do about…

This article aims to introduce method inlining and demonstrate the effects.

Method inlining is enabled by default and should not be disabled. It is a compiler optimization that essentially replaces a method call by its content.

Let’s talk a little about compiler optimizations in Java. The HotSpot JVM just-in-time…

This article aims to explain and demonstrate what String Deduplication in Java is.

String Deduplication allows multiple Strings to share the same underlying character array. You can activate it as follows.

-XX:+UseG1GC -XX:+UseStringDeduplication

I’m using OpenJDK 13, as long as your using java version 9 or above you will…

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